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Cellar Hatches

Automated Hatches

We are delighted to offer the design, manufacture and installation of

automated cellar hatches. These have proved extremely popular with

customers who require quick and easy access to their cellar and wine cellar, our unique product is the solution for you.


In the examples shown the lid is a glass lid toughened and laminated however any finish can be used i.e. hardwood flooring or laminate.


Prior to commission we provide a site survey and drawings, following this we supply a complete installation service including electrics.


Our hatches are rigorously tested and 100% safe as they come with a safety edge strip that will stop the hatch from closing the moment it detects an object, thus preventing any traps or accidents.


When you want to increase your home's potential, don't just consider a loft conversion, we can help you expand downwards into your cellar too!


To see our range of designs and finishes, or to discuss your own requirements, please contact us.

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